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April 2008 BBQ

LE Chapter House
ΛE Chapter House

The REAL Gene Simmons
BBQ Sauce Art

LE Chapter House (Close)
ΛE Chapter House Up Close

Undergraduate Brothers
Undergraduate Brothers

Who: KSAACF Alumni & ΛE Brothers

What: Alumni BBQ

When: April 12, 2008

Where: ΛE Chapter House

Why: First Alumni Event of the Year (and close enough to ΛE Anniversary)

Say Cheese
Smile for the Camera

June 2009 Happy Hour

Take my Picture, Please!

A Small Gathering...
Happy Hour for All Generations

Long Time Friends
Rick, Dave, Cheryl, Dave, and Lee

Who is That Guy?!
Crazy Boston Alien

Who: KSAACF Alumni and Friends

What: June Happy Hour
(under the guise of our
quarterly KSAACF meeting)

When: June 19, 2009

Where: Buffalo Wild Wings
Oviedo, FL

Why: Why not?!

They Seem So Happy
Dave... and a Friend!

...of All Generations.
"...and that's how it happened, I swear!"

Everyone is Listening
Our Little Corner of the Room
Where's the Food?
Whoa! A Camera!
More Fun Stories
Lucky, Rob, Dave, and... Lil Dave
Is that Tiger Woods?
Rick, Richard, and Jim

June 2009 Alumni Golf Event

An Unmarked Hazard
Swamp Buggy

Who: KSAACF Alumni and Friends

What: 1st Annual Alumni Golf Event

When: June 20, 2009

Where: Eastwood Golf Club

Why: Enjoy a round of golf with
Friends and Brothers


Call in the National Guard

Joe to the Rescue

And Away We Go!

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