About Us

The Kappa Sigma Alumni Association of Central Florida is a non-profit organization of Kappa Sigma brothers located in the Central Florida area. Its purpose is to provide activities, information, fundraising events, and fun for Kappa Sigma alumni residing in the Central Florida area who wish to continue the benefits of brotherhood experienced during their collegiate years.


The Central Florida Alumni Association was a small group of Kappa Sigma brothers with a majority of membership comprised of alumni from the Lambda Epsilon chapter. The organization had been diligently continuing for several years, holding such events as monthly alumni breakfasts and an undergraduate/alumni softball game.

In 1997, a young alumnus named Richard L. Patch (ΛE '94) had recently graduated from the University of Central Florida. Brother Patch truly enjoyed his Kappa Sigma experience while attending the university. He consulted with the Alumnus Advisor at the time, H. David McIntosh (ΛE '72). It was Brother McIntosh who suggested that the alumni association may be an area to explore for continuing the Kappa Sigma experience. Brother Patch and Brother Moffat exchanged information and records (going back to 1994, some records even included meeting attendees written on paper napkins), and a new Alumni Executive Committee was established. Some of the first orders of business were to update the by-laws and organizational name, which soon became the Kappa Sigma Alumni Association of Central Florida.

The KSAACF has now been operating for over thirty years. Registered as an official Alumni Chapter with Kappa Sigma Fraternity Headquarters, the KSAACF holds quarterly meetings and conducts activities such as the annual Alumni Spring Weekend, fundraising events, and alumni dinners/happy hours. The KSAACF also supports other annual events such as Charity Challenge and Around the World, and provides financial support to the Lambda Epsilon Charitable Fund (10% of all dues collected are donated).


To become a member of the Kappa Sigma Alumni Association of Central Florida, you must be a brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and in good standing with Kappa Sigma Fraternity Headquarters. You must also provide dues to support the KSAACF on an annual basis.