January 2010 Happy Hour

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Hint:  It's the Guy on the Right
Guess Which One is the Alumni GM?

Who: KSAACF Alumni and Friends

What: January Happy Hour
and quarterly KSAACF meeting

When: January 14, 2010

Where: Buffalo Wild Wings
Oviedo, FL

Why: It was time.

How Long Have We Known Each Other?
Old Friends & Brothers, New Stories

Hey, Isn't That Guy on the Left the Same Guy in the Swamp Buggy?
Some of the Younger Alumni... and Dave

Still Having a Good Time
Six Smiles

Welcome New Alumni
Passing the Stories Down a Generation

April 2010 Alumni Golf Event

Time to Have Fun
Who's that really tall guy taking the picture?
Dude, watch your shadow.

Who: KSAACF Alumni and Friends

What: 2nd Annual Alumni Golf Event

When: April 10, 2010

Where: Eastwood Golf Club

Why: Enjoy a round of golf with
Friends and Brothers

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