Letter from the President

April 5, 2008
Kevan Stone

Fellow Alumni Brothers,

            As you may or may not know, a meeting to discuss the future direction of our
struggling alumni association was held at the Kappa Sigma House located at
UCF.  The meeting consisted of brothers initiated beginning with
Lambda-Epsilon's charter class up to our most recent graduates, those
commencing only 3 months ago.

            For many months now, many of us have grown frustrated with our
alumni organization, our stance towards undergraduate chapters, and many
other issues that we hold dear to our hearts.  This meeting provided us an
initial framework to solve these problems, and to gain from these solutions.
Our newly elected board spans over 35 years of brotherhood, and promises to
make the next 35 that much stronger.

            As you may have noticed, there are people copied to this e-mail.
These are some people I know off the top of my head that are not members of
our Alumni Association, but some that would gladly like to become a part of
it.  I challenge all of you to forward this letter on as well to other Kappa
Sig alumni you know, so that we all share in the positive results we are
striving to attain.  To those of you reading this and not being a part of
the list serve, allow me to extend a welcome and invitation to join us, with
you aboard we are that much stronger.  This is how you can sign up for the

The Announcements Only group is moderated, so you will not receive too many
e-mails.  The General Discussion group is a free for all discussion forum.
The Executive Committee group discusses alumni association business.  All
you have to do is to go to these websites listed below, and join them.  

Announcements Only:  http://groups.google.com/group/ksaacf-ao

General Discussion:  http://groups.google.com/group/ksaacf-gd

Executive Committee:  http://groups.google.com/group/ksaacf-ec

Without boring you with tedious details, we agreed that we should continue
to hold alumni events, but without the same frequency we have tried in the
past.  We have made some tentative plans for a couple events to be held in
the near future which you are all welcome and encouraged to attend:

1.      Friday, March 21st - Initiation of the Beta Delta Pledge Class at
UCF.  Now, I don't pretend to assume any of you would like to sit through
almost 7 hours of initiations, but the idea behind it was to re-connect at
an early date.  Here's what we envisioned.  Show up at any time (I will send
a note later to let you know specific times); either sit in for one or a
couple initiations.  Make no mistake, you don't even have to walk inside,
but show up!!!!  The thought process behind this is that this is an event
that no matter what chapter you graduated from, no matter the year, it is
something we all have in common, that being the ritual ceremony that binds
us together.  To this day, I still perform a handful of initiations in the
GM and GMC role each semester, and can still say it proves to be a sound
reminder of what our Fraternity is all about.  At this point, you could feel
free as a whole or as a group of individuals to go out for a bite to eat or
a beverage, ideally re-connecting with those you have either never met or
have not seen in quite a while.  We felt this was the easiest way to build
upon the momentum we were able to garner last weekend with an event in the
not far off future.

2.      Saturday, March 29th at 2p.m- We will be holding hour second Alumni
Association meeting at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house at UCF.  There will
be some kind of agenda, but we are hoping for an even better turnout than
last weekend, and thus will be able to hold a more comprehensive discussion
of how we want to do things.  We will be discussing our 3 bullet points,
that being a) undergrad support b) alumni support and c) fellowship.  While
the twenty or so of us in attendance provided great ideas, we would like
this discussion to involve as many of us as possible.

3.      Saturday, April 12th - We will be holding the first of what we hope
are annual bbq's at the Kappa Sigma House at UCF.  We have chosen this date
for a reason.  One of the goals we have set is to increase our involvement
and awareness.  This is 3 weeks before commencement ceremonies at UCF, and
will give us a great opportunity to meet with what will soon become our
newest alumni, while at the same time allowing us to forge relationships
with the local undergraduate chapter as well.  As I have stated on this
message board in the past, I envision an alumni association that spans
decades, leaves no generation out, and welcomes future alumni with open arms
and support.  This is a sure-fire to initially accomplish this goal.

In all, I characterized this first meeting and its subsequent steps as
tremendous step forward in terms of progress.  With that being said, it is
an effort which will need tremendous support to be realized.  We can all
agree it is an endeavor that will take time to accomplish, but with some
determination and whatever effort we choose to devote, we can realize our
goal, one of a successful alumni chapter that provides fellowship and
brotherhood to its members through the rest of our lives.  

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to
contribute to the listserve and/or feel free to email me personally at


Kevan Stone LE '97

KSAACF President