ß KSFL Proposed Rule Changes for 2013 à

Old Rule
New Rule


Stat Categories (Ret. Yds for Indv. Players)
25 Yds. per Point
  This would eliminate individual players from obtaining extra points for return yards. This rule change does not affect defenses from gaining points for return yards.
Defensive Points (Sacks)
1 sack = 2 pts
1 sack = 1 pt
  Sacks occur more frequently than most other defensive plays. Currently, defense points have a larger than average impact on the performance of a fantasy team.
Stat Categories
(QB Points)
50 Yds per Point
6 pts per TD
25 Yds per Point
4 pts per TD

Currently, QB points are TD heavy and not enough points are given to those QB's that have decent numbers in passing yards. Examples:

  • 16 points = 200 yds passing and two TDs (old and new rule)
  • 17 points = 250 yds passing and two TDs (old rule)
  • 18 points = 250 yds passing and two TDs (new rule)
Playoff Reseeding
Playoff reseeding will adjust the second round matchups so the highest seeded team will play the lowest ranked team (similar to the current NFL rules). Playoff reseeding will occur when there is an upset in the first round of the playoffs.
Playoff System
Eight Team Playoffs
Six Team Playoff w/ Four or fewer Consolation
Reference Yahoo!'s Fantasy Football Playoffs for details. This gives credit to top two teams so they are rewarded and may not be eliminated in the first week of playoffs (similar to the current NFL rules). Also requires you to finish in the Top 6 in order to have a shot at the championship. This would also give the top ten teams a shot at participating in the playoffs.
Max Player Acquisitions
No Max
Max 20

Prevents a team from dropping players each week in favor of the best player for that week. Attempts to create more of a team atmosphere, rather than a week-to-week add of the weekly best players. This also encourages more trades between teams.
Max Player Trades
No Max
Max 5

In addition to the acquisitions cap above, this prevents teams from trading too many players in a season. Attempts to create more of a team atmosphere, rather than a week-to-week add of the weekly best players.
No Keepers

Keep up to
4 Players

Allows a manager to keep up to four of his/her top players for multiple seasons. This gives a manager more of a franchise feel for the team.
Playoffs End
Week 17
Week 16
For some playoff-bound NFL teams, Week 17 is a week to sit some of their starters. Currently, a KSFL manager must weigh starting a strong player with the uncertainty of knowing if that player will play the entire game. This change would eliminate that uncertainty. It would also shorten the fantasy regular season by one week.
Stat Categories (Rush/Rcv Yds for Indv. Players)
15 Yds. per Point
10 Yds. per Point
Increases the point total per rushing and receiving yard for all players. This would increase the overall points total of the team.
Two divisions

Divisional play encourages rivalry from year to year by maintaining divisional foes. The winners from each division will earn the top two spots in the playoffs, according to the Fantasy Football Tiebreakers.
Optional Prizes

Top 3 of Eligible Managers

Top 3 Managers, if Eligible
Currently, the top three eligible managers would receive their prizes based on their end of year rank. This means if a non-eligible person took third place and an eligible person took forth place, the forth place person would win the third place prize. In this scenario, this rule change would mean that the third place prize would be forfeit (i.e. would remain with the KSAACF) because the eligible manager did not finish in third place. [Suggested by a Manager]